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Our Services

Mental Health

Get the quality of life you deserve with our safe, medically supervised psychedelic therapy and ketamine infusions - a game changer in mental health.

Primary Care

Whatever it is that has you feeling off – from a cold sweat to that weird feeling that just won’t go away  – you’re already on the road to being well.  Our caring professionals will guide you on your healthcare journey from day one, because your health is our priority. 

Same Day Care

Just walk in - we specialize in providing immediate care for sickness and injury, ensuring you receive prompt medical attention when you need it most.

IV Therapy

Explore the remarkable benefits of IV therapy for yourself - elevate your health, boost your energy and rejuvenate your body and mind

Weight Loss

Our prescription weight loss programs can help with those pesky final pounds - and fast. Take the first step toward a healthier, happier you.


We offer innovative aesthetic services that allow you to smile more, laugh deeply, and finally be yourself without makeup or surgery.

Health Coaching

Daryn Mayer, your nutrition coach, offers tailored meal plans and strategies for a healthy, happy life without giving up favorite flavors.


Whether you’re escaping to far-off locales or keeping up with routine preventive care at home – we make protection easy. Don’t let a preventable disease leave you sick - or worse. Vaccines are safe and effective, so schedule yours today and explore the globe (or your own backyard) with confidence.